affirming potential
Have you ever felt like you don’t know where you are going in life? You wonder why you are here? What’s the use? Affirming Potential provides answers to these questions and more.  Affirming Potential  is a 12 week  transformational program in which people are helping people journey to find answers to some of life’s most troubling questions.  This program instills hope in the lives of others and empowers them to explore their past, accept their present and embrace their future. This is a journey of new beginnings for those willing to look at life with a new perspective.

Please register for the next session 

by calling the Love INC office at (814) 827-4882.

Classes are open to everyone regardless of faith or lack
thereof and at NO CHARGE. All materials provided.

HOmes of Hope
Homes of Hope is a transitional housing program established to serve homeless students in the Titusville Area School District and their single parents.
Homes of Hope offers single parent families a twelve month stay in a completely furnished apartment and mentoring in financial, emotional, relational, and spiritual areas of life.